An information page on our Chiropractors & what Chiropractic can help with.

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Chiropractic Mission Statement

We advise patients never to see any clinician more than four times unless they can feel good improvement.  Beware poor quality practitioners who ask you to sign up for 10 or more treatments… or who invite you back again and again for lots of treatments…. 

With expert diagnosis and treatment, it is simply not necessary!
— Lindsay Beardsworth


In Accordance with CAP

Sciatica - Sciatica, what it is and how Chiropractic treatment can help. Click HERE to find out more

Migraines - Prevention of migraine

Neck Pain -Uncomplicated mechanical neck pain (as opposed to neck pain following injury e.g.  whiplash)

Joint Pains -Joint pains including hip and knee pain from osteoarthritis

General Aches- General aches and pains including those of joints, muscle spasms and cramp

Backache -General, acute and chronic backache, back pain (not arising from injury or accident), including Lumbago

Headaches -Headache arising from the neck (i.e. cervicogenic)

Elbow pain and tennis elbow

Plantar Fasciitis (short term management)

Shoulder Issues - Frozen shoulder, shoulder or elbow pain, or tennis elbow arising from associated musculoskeletal conditions of the back and neck, but not isolated occurrences

Sports Injuries - Minor sports injuries and tensions

Tension - Tension and inability to relax (through lifestyle advice rather than chiropractic care)

Who are our Chiropractors?


Lindsay Beardsworth

Lindsay Beardsworth qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2004 with first class honours, following her four-year degree programme.

Her academic and clinical ability where highly recognised by the university and she became the first graduate in her programme to be awarded three acknowledgements: Academic Excellence, Clinical Excellence and Graduate of the Year.

Lindsay joined Salford Chiropractic Clinic as soon has she qualified and her knowledge and experience for her patients has excelled, in addition to her reputation.

Lindsay is proud to boast her communication networks with local neurosurgeons and orthopaedic consultants, especially at Salford Royal, which widens her knowledge and contacts for managing patients. It is clear to see why Lindsay's appointments are in demand. She is incredibly thorough, knowledgeable and honest with her patients and she only ever expects the best possible outcome for anyone she sees.

Rather than specialising in a specific area, Lindsay enjoys treating a range of patients from sports persons, elderly patients and children, although she does have a keen interest in treating pregnant ladies and has built herself quite a reputation for this in the surrounding area.


Patrick Langham

Patrick Langham graduated as Doctor of Chiropractic from the WIOC in south Wales, with a Distinction, following his four-year degree programme.

He continues to extend his knowledge by regularly completing courses, including dry needling, sports injuries and kinesiology.

Patrick's interest in Chiropractic began following personally experiencing the huge benefit chiropractic provided his father after his father had a life-changing accident.

Patrick is very thorough in appointments with his patients, always ensuring he offers them the very best advice and treatment to make sure they recover as quickly as possible.

Being a keen sports person himself, Patrick sees a large proportion of sports-related issues, within the practice, including treating professional boxers, swimmers and rugby league players. However, he is passionate about all areas of Chiropractic and sees patients daily ranging from pregnant ladies, adolescents and the elderly.

Patrick also communicates with local GPs, neurosurgeons and orthopaedic consultants when required, to ensure correct management of his patients.

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Sumaya Salam

Sumaya Salam qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic from the WIOC, with a Merit, following her four-year degree programme in 2014.

Sumaya joined the Salford Chiropractic Clinic in September 2019, having been a close colleague of Dr Beardsworth’s and Dr Langham’s for several years. They were both very excited to have her join the team and bring her expertise and knowledge to the clinic.

Sumaya has been passionate about chiropractic since a young age, as she believes everyone can benefit from care.

She is a great communicator and enjoys working with her patients to dig deep and get to the root cause of their problem.

With her thorough approach, varied techniques and treatment modalities she helps her patients to reach an improved state of health in the quickest time possible. She strives for patient satisfaction and will always help her patients get to the right place , if chiropractic care is not suitable for them.

To ensure her patients receive the best possible treatment she attends courses and seminars to continually expand her knowledge base.

She enjoys treating all ages & conditions. Her areas of special interest include treating shoulder conditions, pregnant women and cross-fitters. She has 2 young children of her own and is extremely popular with children who easily warm to her.

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