Salford Chiropractic Clinic

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Why Did We Relocate to St James House?

Expansion With the clinic now becoming “multi-discipline” from September 2017 we needed to increase our capacity, and St James House delivered on that.

Allowing us to now offer….Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Podiatry & Massage Therapy.

Parking The “New Clinic” has ample FREE parking for our patients as this was one of our only patient concerns voiced to us.

Quality The relocation enabled the clinic to have an upgrade in appearance, layout and quality to match the direction in which it is heading.

Distance When deciding on a new location was key to us NOT to move too far or inconvenience our patients.

We are so glad that we have found St James House which is 2 minutes’ drive from our previous location and has better parking facilities and public transport links.

A short history of the clinic….

•  1984 Clinic established by Chiropractor Scott Middleton

•  2004 Triple award winning Chiropractor Lindsay Beardsworth joins the team 

•  2009 Clinic moved from Langworth Road to 23 Bolton Road

•  2017 Clinic taken-over by long-term associate Lindsay Beardsworth

• Clinic Re-located to St James House

• Clinic Welcomes Chiropractor Patrick Langham to the team 

• Clinic becomes “fully digital” enabling online bookings for the first time.

• Clinic expands from one treatment room to three.

 Clinic develops into a “multi-disiplinary” clinic.

Adding Acupuncture with Tina Clegg & Podiatry with Lindsay Hill to the team

•  2018 Adding Massage therapy to the clinic with the talented Pat Lally

•  2019 The addition of a third Chiropractor, Sumaya Salam to help satisfy our growing patient numbers.