Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage-Whats involved?

Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful treatment for prenatal care. It is a healthy and relaxing way to relieve stress and tension.

Pregnancy Massage reduces many of the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy, for example stiff neck, upper and lower back ache, leg cramp, broken sleep, headaches and swelling.

Massage for pregnant women also reduces stress on weight bearing joints, promotes blood and lymph circulation (removal of waste products from the tissues), increases metabolism which is often slowed down due to pregnancy, and helps to relax the body and mind and relieve nervous tension and muscle pain, and also depression or anxiety brought on by hormonal changes.

Massage therapy during pregnancy is completely safe after the first trimester (12 weeks).

Always check with your therapist prior to booking, especially if you have high blood pressure, epilepsy or recent operations.

We want to make sure that you are safe, comfortable and ready to leave the clinic feeling wonderful and energised

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