Salford Chiropractor

Salford Chiropractor

Looking for a Chiropractor in Salford?

I am taking a guess that you have an issue that you think Chiropractic may help with..

The good news is that you’ve probably come to the right place. Here at Salford Chiropractic clinic we have a choice of three Chiropractors and currently a choice of two late openings to accommodate patients busy work and life schedules

At the clinic we NEVER ask patients to “block book” 20+ appointments (as we hear some clinics sadly do!) as this is simply unnecessary. A simple guide for anyone is that in Chiropractic, we should be seeing significant improvement within 3-5 treatments, there are of course exceptions but the general rule is 3-5 sessions. If the issue is not improving then our Chiropractors will write to your G.P, or appropriate health profesional explaining the situation and recommending an alternative path.

How do you know we are the right clinic or even any good? Now thats a GREAT question and one we love hearing. The simple answer is that with some small checks from you, the patient, some simple research can put your mind at ease.

Step 1. All Chiropractors should be registered with the GCC, click this LINK to search and find out. These are the governing body who protect you, the patient and make sure your Chiropractor has the appropriate qualifications.

Step 2. Good old Google Search, maybe google “Salford Chiropractor” or “Best Chiropractor in salford” etc and take a look at the results next to the map. Have a read through the reviews and see if anyone sounds like they have had a similar issue resolved

Step 3. Facebook, like or loath it, its a great source to again confirm a clinic, do they have a review section? If not then ask yourself “why not” if they do have a look and see what people have been saying.

Step 4. Messenger or call the clinic and ask to talk or communicate with the Chiropractor. This is a good way of knowing if Chiropractic can even help your issue