Lindsay Beardsworth

- Chiropractor & clinic owner

Lindsay Beardsworth qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2004 with first class honours, following her four-year degree programme. Her academic and clinical ability where highly recognised by the university and she became the first graduate in her programme to be awarded three acknowledgements: Academic Excellence, Clinical Excellence and Graduate of the Year.

Lindsay joined Salford Chiropractic Clinic as soon has she qualified and her knowledge and experience for her patients has excelled, in addition to her reputation.

Lindsay is proud to boast her communication networks with local neurosurgeons and orthopaedic consultants, especially at Salford Royal, which widens her knowledge and contacts for managing patients. It is clear to see why Lindsay's appointments are in demand. She is incredibly thorough, knowledgeable and honest with her patients and she only ever expects the best possible outcome for anyone she sees.

Rather than specialising in a specific area, Lindsay enjoys treating a range of patients from sports persons, elderly patients and children, although she does have a keen interest in treating pregnant ladies and has built herself quite a reputation for this in the surrounding area.

Lindsay is always available for a free no obligation phone consultation and can always be contacted via email.

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