Owner Statement
“I aim to provide multiple complimenting therapies at one location, to enable offering patients the most suitable treatment for their needs.”

Lindsay Beardsworth

Why Did We Relocate?

– Space –

We just had outgrown our previous premises. We now have increased treatment rooms from one to three to accommodate our growing patient base.

– Parking –

The “New Clinic” has ample FREE parking for our patients as this was one of our only patient concerns voiced to us.

– Quality –

The relocation enabled the clinic to have an upgrade in appearance, layout and quality to match the direction in which it is heading.

– Expansion-

With the clinic now becoming “multi-discipline” from September 2017 we needed to increase our capacity, and St James House delivered on that.
Allowing us to now offer….Acupuncture, Chiropractic, & Podiatry.

Distance –

When deciding on a new location was key to us NOT to move too far or inconvenience our patients.
We are so glad that we have found St James House which is 2 minutes’ drive from our previous location and has better parking facilities and public transport links.

0161 736 9855

A short history of the clinic….

•  1984 Clinic established by Chiropractor Scott Middleton

•  2004 Triple award winning Chiropractor Lindsay Beardsworth joins the team 👍

•  2009 Clinic moved from Langworth Road to 23 Bolton Road

August •  2017 Clinic taken-over by long-term associate Lindsay Beardsworth

Clinic Re-located to St James House

Clinic Welcomes Chiropractor Patrick Langham to the team 🙌

Clinic becomes “fully digital” enabling online bookings for the first time.

Clinic expands from one treatment room to three.

September •  2017 Clinic develops into a “multi-disiplinary clinic.

– Welcoming –

•   Acupuncture

•   Podiatry

•  2018 Who Knows…..

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